about us

def gear(): takes its iconic logo from how functions are written in Python programming language, and the brand name is pronounced “definition gear

we launched our first collection with technology as main theme, taking inspiration from tech components and hardware 

we love technology for its impact on our life and we also cherish the revolution in design it has inspired. digitalization offers a way of seeing the world, an attitude to tasks and activities - from designing to wearing


definition gear tech passion

we love technology in a responsible way, and we believe that what is happening with e-waste is scary and should be addressed 

visit our fighting e-waste page and check out our ideas about it


fabrics and prints

design finds expression through fabrics and prints and this is why we are constantly on the hunt for exciting materials. we focus on ensuring the highest wearability and breathability: while insisting on using natural fibers, we occasionally rely on synthetic fibers when their functionality uplifts the garment

we choose fabrics because of their level of comfort and fit to our prints. the prints are the core of def gear():’s styling: most of our products are made with digital prints, inkjet technology and purpose made water-based ink, which allows a deep coloring of the yarns and persistence of the color vibrancy across tones

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 definition gear prints